Farm pest animal control and shooting services new zealand

Peter Shakes, the business owner, has thirty plus years experience culling goats, rabbits and deer

goat culling and mustering services

Specialist goat culling and mustering serices by Authorised Pest Control Ltd

Introducing Authorised Pest Control Services

Authorised pest control services provide a one stop shop where you can either have your goats mustered off your farm our culled by experienced shooters. We also remove rabbits by shooting. All we require is a decent number of animals to make the trip worthwhile. We an also cull deer if the numbers are causing you problems.

Animals we Cull

We specialise in culling goats, rabbits and deer. We have shot over 700 goats in the last 4 years, significantly reducing pest numbers in those areas. Rabbits can cause a lot of problems, so we can solve that for you with our expert shooting skills. We use supressed .22 calibre rifles, so you hardly know we are in the area.

Goat mustering expert services new zealand

We provide expert goat mustering services by highly experienced staff

Do you need to eradicate goats from your farm? Contact us today for goat, rabbit and deer shooting New Zealand